Frequently asked questions

1. I just customize my product on, how to send to your workshop?

NEANCE communicate by email the carrier that you have to use and also the shipping adress to send your product.
Make sure you have backed up your data.
Once the product arrived within the NEANCE workshop, you will be notified by email of receipt and manufacturing steps.
Warning, the total price does not include shipping your product in our workshop. The final price that you just pay includes personalization and delivery of your product to your address.

2. Can i track the shipment?

With each order, NEANCE assigns a tracking number so that the object can be tracked by the buyer. You will receive an e-mail informing you of the shipping and delivery of packages.
In addition, when your order is confirmed, we will inform you the approximate delivery date.

3. Does NEANCE deliver internationally?

Yes, NEANCE offers its customers worldwide delivery.

4. Is delivery free?

Yes, shipping is free for 99€ purchase in France and in many countries of the European Union. For some destinations (see the list), NEANCE includes participation in shipping.

5. Do i pay taxes on delivery?

Yes, every international orders are subject to taxes in the country of delivery. However, if your delivery goes to an EU country, your order will not be subject to taxes.

6. Wich shipping companies is NEANCE working with?

NEANCE works with several well-known shipping companies UPS, TNT, DHL ou encore FedEx. Our goal is to get the best service at the best price for the selected destination.

7. Do I have to be present to receive my delivery?

Yes, all orders require signature upon delivery.

8. Can I change my order once it is confirmed?

Yes, the customer service has the opportunity to change your order, but unfortunately it is required to be initiated within 24 hours.

9. How long does customizing a product take?

Customizing your product requires the intervention of different craftsmen. Depending on the complexity of customization, time varies between 2 to 7 days.

10. Why are they two price for the same product?

The first price is a custom on your devices. The second price is the custom and the new device.
You can custom your own device and send it to us or buy a new one already custom.

11. The price of a custom product depends of the finish process?

Our offer is to custom your PS4 controller or new one in customizing some parts of it.
Some colors are "opaque" in some other are metalic paint.
The glossy finish protect the product from scratch and the use.
This finish reflect the light in order to have a glossy color.
The mate finish have the same protection but d'on't reflect the light.

12. Can I have a specific color on my device?

Yes, we can paint in any color that you want.
If you don't find you color on, please do not hesitate to contact our client services.

13. Can NEANCE make a customization on my Xbox controller or Xbox device?

Yes, we custom your product.
Do not buy a new one, just send it over to us in order to custom it.

14. Is my customized product guaranteed?

Yes, your customized NEANCE product is guaranteed for a period up to 1 year.

15. What if my product fails within the warranty period?

If your product is still under warranty, you must contact our customer service. All repairs are done in our workshop. We handle the rapatriation of the proceeds to our workshop, repair and delivery of the product.
If the product is out of warranty, it is recommended that you contact our customer service to find the most suitable solution.

16. What should I do if my NEANCE customized product is not operational?

If your product does not work, we recommend that you contact our NEANCE customer service as soon as possible, with your proof of purchase and identity.
In the shortest time, our team will contact you to address your issue in the most appropriate way: information, repair, replacement, refunds.

17. How long does the process of return / repair take?

The deadline for the repair of a product depends on the diagnosis made by our technicians.
We strive to perform most repairs within 7 to 10 business days after recept of the defective product.
However, repairs van go beyond 10 days, in case of shortage of certain parts for example.

18. Is the manufacturer's warranty still valid?

For convenience purposes, NEANCE has established its own security system. A product customized in our workshop is guaranteed for one year.

19. What are the shipping costs when returning the product for repair ?

If your custom product is still under warranty, NEANCE take care of the shipping costs.
If the warranty is exceeded, the shipping costs are paid by the customer.
We recommend you to send the custom product with the original box. Make sure it is properly packed and protected.
NEANCE is not responsible for damages caused by transport during shipping.

20. Is my customized product certified original?

Each NEANCE customized product is new and authentic. The serial number and the settings are used to certify their authenticity.

21. Is it possible to go back to the initial item after it was customized?

No, a customized product is unique and tailor-made to your image.
When you submit your order, customization is final.

22. Can you sell a NEANCE product?

Yes, it is quite possible to sell a customized NEANCE product.
Attesting to its authenticity, you can send your buyer the invoice.

23. I have a special request, can you do it ?

We study all your requests, we will try to give you complete satisfaction. To do so, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

24. I damaged my NEANCE customized product, do you repair the damage?

If it is inflicted damage on customization, it is possible, under certain conditions, to repair it.
For more information, please reach out to our customer service, make sure to send the pictures od damaged items.
However, if the damage is of material nature, if the unit is under warranty, our team supports the repair.

25. I received my customized NEANCE product, would it be possible to change the color?

All customization is final. Each customized NEANCE object is unique and tailor-designed by our craftsmen.
Once your customized object comes, you will not be abble to change its color.

26. What is our Concept?

Our task is simple: put every knowledge that we have to custom your device.
We work on your device or new one and we never change any parts.
We keep the originals parts and make them better looking with color paint.

27. Where do the NEANCE products come from?

NEANCE is provided directly by manufacturers or specialized dealers.

28. What is the technique used for customization?

Product customization is made by our French artisans, experts in their technical fields. The technique differs depending on the product, the color and type of finish you have chosen.

29. What process are you doing on the custom PS4 controller and the other product?

Our process are special and their using depends of the design of the parts to custom.
We paint a lot of product but we also use the printing process, sublimation or lazer cuttering.

30. What the difference between our classic colors, trends colors or exclusives colors?

Our range of classic colors consists of opaque and metallic paints.
Our range of trendy colors is made of opaque, mettalic and glitter paints.
The latest range of exclusive colors are unique and made especially with pearly paint.